Importance of wearing proper dance clothes for practice

Importance of wearing proper dance clothes for practice

We often can see parent taking children to dance classes in home or street clothes. And it’s wrong because their dance teacher cannot see properly student movement, and its harder to correct, and it’s why Each dancer that taking dance classes with a teacher should wear proper dancewear.

Correct practice dancewear would help teacher to see the mistakes that young dancer doing, and the earlier the mistakes corrected the faster young would learn proper dance technics.
We recommend using a proper dancewear practice clothing because it’s
1. Comfort – Тhe correct practice wear much more comfortable to dance in it then street or home clothes. For example, dance clothing using very stretchy and its more comfortable for fast movements.
2. Attitude / Mood – When people change casual clothing to a proper dance-wear practice wear dresses and shoes their personal mood change too, there are became more focus on dancing, which would improve their moves.

3. Respect to a dance teacher.
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