Children Leggings & Pants

Children Leggings & Pants
Children's Leggings & Pants
Ballroom Pants - 14 Ballroom Pants - 14 Sale

Ballroom Pants - 14

$ CAD90.00$ CAD100.00

Ballroom Pants - 14 Women's trousers for the standard A decorative detail  The product is made of jersey oil. Matching Leotard can be found here Size: 30-52 Color: as in C..

Ballroom Pants - 15

$ CAD95.00

Ballroom Pants - 15 Ballroom dance trousers for standard Material: Oil jersey and leopard mesh;Features: Flared to the bottom with a stitched belt, with an elastic band 4 cm wide.L..

Leggings-07 k

$ CAD85.00

Leggings Leggings shortened for the Latin program, on the belt with an elastic band. There is a voluminous arrow on the front, fringe is sewn into the vertical relief along the back ..


$ CAD50.00

Leggings Women's leggings on a yoke made of dense jersey with leopard print. Curly yoke. The product is on a belt with an elastic band 3 cm, made of oil jersey and dense jersey with ..


$ CAD85.00

Leggings Women's leggings, made of oil jersey, with stretch mesh inserts, duplicated with beige jersey. A 10 cm long fringe is sewn on the sides. A 3 cm wide stitched belt with an el..


$ CAD55.00

Leggings for women, made of jersey, leopard print, with stripes. An elastic band 3 cm wide is sewn along the upper cut into the hem.Made in Europe, from high-quality fabrics...

Leggings-11 k

$ CAD45.00

Leggings for gymnastics and choreography, made of stretch jersey with velor stripes. The uppercut of the leggings is processed with an elastic band 3 cm wide in the hem.Made in Europ..

Girls Pants - 01 Girls Pants - 01 Sale

Girls Pants - 01

$ CAD120.00$ CAD135.00

Loose and graceful dance pants for amateurs and professionals in flowing fabric with cuffs and a wide belt that accentuates the waist and emphasizes the slimness of your figure. Made o..

Girls Pants - 04

$ CAD120.00

Girl's Pants . Made of stretch knit , side panel made of lace Color: as in Catalog Made in Europe , from high quality fabrics...

Shorts 04

$ CAD120.00

Elegant Latin shorts with layered fringes and velvet side panels. The developing fringe will add dynamics to the dance. It will allow you to stand out and get an unforgettable experien..


$ CAD50.00

Girl's slimming Leggings. Made of stretch lycra.Made in Europe, from high-quality fabrics...

Ballroom Pants - 10

$ CAD110.00

Ballroom Pants - 10 Women's Ballroom Pants.Ideal comfort for ballroom practice class Pants made from stretch fabric knit, mesh on sides Size: 30-48 Color: as in Catalog Made in Eu..

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